IT Outsourcing Trends 2023: What’s Shaping the Future of Tech?

As businesses move more and more of their operations to the cloud, the need for cybersecurity specialists will continue to grow. Outsourcing providers that can offer cybersecurity services will be in high demand. Surely, the market for cloud computing services will continue to grow in the next few years, and companies will increasingly turn to outsource providers for help with this.

it outsourcing trend

Updating your business strategy with the latest trends will allow you to take advantage of new opportunities while mitigating any potential risks. Outsourced IT services have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable way for companies to get their infrastructure up and running without the hassle of managing it themselves. IT outsourcing will continue to evolve in the coming years, with new trends emerging as the industry continues to progress. The 5G wireless network is expected to create a lot of opportunities for businesses that want to outsource their IT needs.

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The term “automation technology” refers to the collection of procedures and pieces of machinery that together make it possible for systems to function without human intervention. Machines, apparatus, equipment, and other devices are included in this category. This means that the cybersecurity of an outsourcing firm may not be as solid as yours, leaving the door open to cyberattacks and fraudulent activities. A scenario like this may be quite difficult since it requires a great deal of time to resolve every error and find a replacement outsourcing provider. A serial entrepreneur, passionate R&D engineer, with 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Every year, Brainhub helps 750,000+ founders, leaders and software engineers make smart tech decisions.

it outsourcing trend

The IT Outsourcing market in 2022 faces new challenges including competition for talent, tech layoffs, and the global economic recession. With that context, the needs of businesses when using IT outsourcing have also changed, they are looking for more than just a cost-reduction solution. IT outsourcing to Ukraine and other countries fulfills certain company goals. On the other hand, it might result in insufficient dedication from engineers, intellectual property rights infringement, hidden costs, or even a potential loss of internal expertise.

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KPMG’s multi-disciplinary approach and deep, practical industry knowledge help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities. Our offshore office in the Philippines lets you hire qualified offshore software developers without the hassle of recruiting them yourself. Currently, blockchain professionals are scarce, especially in dApps and NFTs. Outsourcing companies can hire these experts or train those who want to diversify their skill set.

it outsourcing trend

In 2023, Metaverse and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are expected to drive significant trends in the IT outsourcing industry. VR is a type of immersive technology that allows users to interact virtually with computer-generated environments, which can be used in various applications. Metaverse is a virtual world that offers users an environment where they can interact with other users and computer-generated characters and explore virtual locations.

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They want to centralize these processes within one outsourcing company to ensure cohesive operations. That said, the demand for outsourcing companies with multiple specialized services under one roof will grow. The global automotive engineering services outsourcing market achieved remarkable growth, with a size of US$ 96.5 Billion in 2022. But software development, automation, IoT (Internet of Things), and other modern technology evolve regularly.

it outsourcing trend

Only 31% expected that outsourcing providers will take all the risk on themselves. Clients will tend to choose multiple IT outsourcing partners instead of just one company. The goal is to collect the best collaborators for the overall product’s success. India and China are leading the outsourcing bandwagon, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Belarus, the Philippines and Vietnam due to their cheap labor and operating costs. Especially in Vietnam, IT Outsourcing in Vietnam has emerged with $11.0B in revenue (according to a report by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association).

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That’s a clear sign outsourcing has evolved into a true business transformation solution. Next-generation outsourcing deals move beyond cost-cutting and enable true business transformation. KPMG has market-leading alliances with many of the world’s leading software and services vendors. Get free resources to help create great software and manage high-performing teams. Even with work arrangements in the new normal, candidates are more likely to accept a job offer if working remotely is an option.

Thus, going for alternative employee engagement models is one of the main IT outsourcing future trends. Before the quarantine, one of the main it outsourcing trends in Europe and the United States was outsourcing IT functions to such Asian countries as India, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and others. However, not all outsourcing vendors in Asia managed to set up home offices and provide infrastructure for their engineers. The advantages and opportunities that outsourcing offers their companies significantly outnumber the opportunities that in-house employment and corporate business structure offers.

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In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will significantly influence outsourcing trends. AI-driven automation and digital transformation technologies will enable businesses to outsource more tasks to third-party providers, allowing them to focus on core competencies. AI-driven solutions will also help enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Experienced engineers and software developers should expect increased demand for AI-related skills as more businesses leverage AI to outsource IT tasks. First and foremost, there is a rising demand for IT outsourcing services, driven by their ability to provide access to a diverse talent pool, which fosters innovation and creativity.

  • Outsourcing providers that can offer cybersecurity services will be in high demand.
  • In an IT context, these activities include IT administration, IT application, and web hosting services.
  • AI-driven solutions will also help enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • It’s also an excellent way to keep costs down while allowing businesses to focus on revenue-generating activities, free up resources for task priority, and provide access to world-class technology.
  • Automotive engineering services outsourcing involves outsourcing various non-physical engineering functions, including design, prototyping, system integration, and testing, to external sources.
  • In the next few years, we predict that the demand for cybersecurity services will continue to grow.

Companies outsource if they cannot handle one part of their business process. As is the case with hiring, though, you don’t want to just outsource anything to anyone. Here are some outsourcing trends that can help a healthy business stay on the straight and narrow as it grows in 2023.

The future of outsourcing

Neal Schaffer is a fractional CMO and a good example of how effective the position is for clients and service providers alike. The outsourced executive helps multiple companies successfully market themselves at the fraction of the price of a full-time salaried CMO. Schaffer adds that the short contracts that come with fractional CMOs make them even more cost-effective since they don’t require lengthy tenures at a company. The global automotive industry’s robust growth is driving positive prospects for the market. The development of the Internet facilitates the development of IoT (Internet of Things) and turns it into one of the indispensable IT outsourcing trends in the business world. Compared to 2019, the number of IoT-connected devices worldwide in 2030 is estimated to triple.

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